How to lower sugar levels diabetes and control it?

Diabetes is now among the biggest threat to human around the world, especially in Asian countries; with the improved and more affordable way of living everybody has the chance to expose to diabetes because the risk is higher as age increases.

We are here to give you an exclusive way on how to lower sugar levels diabetes and control it and stay healthy with regular exercise, you can control diabetes.

What are the symptoms of diabetes?

The main symptoms that convey that people Those who are at risk of developing diabetes may include frequent hunger, thirst, and frequent urination. There are also other symptoms, such as

* Tired and exhausted

* Dry skin and sometimes got itchy skin

* Dry eyes

* Numbness in the feet or a sharp pain in the toes or toes

* Lose some weight very fast without being able to find the cause

* When wounds occur in different areas of the body often heals more slowly than usual especially the wound on the feet

* Blurred vision in an inexplicable way

What is a dangerous level of blood sugar?

For those with hyperglycemia, there may be no symptoms at first. But will begin to notice when the body has sugar higher than 200 milligrams per deciliter or more. Got headaches, tiredness, thirst, blurred vision and frequent urination, especially at night. If someone is in the risk group and has such symptoms, a blood test for blood sugar is recommended and a specialist and reliable blood testing center should be selected to increase confidence in receiving services.

How to lower sugar levels diabetes and control it?

Among the remedies to control it is exercise and control the food intake. Many health specialists agreed that exercise must be among the prescriptions i.e. it must be done every day; not only for diabetes patient but also for everybody. This is because exercise may reduce the risk of diabetes by almost 66%.

Why regular exercise is required?

Diabetes occurs when our body does not produce or have insufficient insulin. Insulin acts as a carrier to carry Glucose in the blood to the cell. The insufficiency of it will cause more glucose (sugar) being accumulated in the blood. Exercise can reduce the resistance to producing insulin and this will last long until 48 hours. Therefore, the body reaction towards the insulin will increase and the latter should be able to carry sugar from the blood to the cell. Thus, the amount of sugar in the blood will reduce. If we were to exercise regularly, this reduction in insulin resistance will remain thus enable the sugar level in the blood to maintain at normal level. That is why we can’t wait until weekend for the exercise but has to allocate some 30 minutes every day for it.

Changing our way of living by improving our food intake and exercise can reduce or delay the possibilities of diabetes especially for someone with high risk for it i.e. those who had their parents with diabetes or having the problem of obesity.

Actually, our body does not need refined sugar. It is just needed to pleasant our tongue. Our body may still acquire sugar from carbohydrate sources such as rice, pasta, potatoes and starch related food.

Exercise may help our effort to combat diabetes by :-

* Improving the ability of our body in utilizing the insulin

* Burning the excessive fats thus reducing the body weight

* Improving the body muscles

* Increase the bone density

* Stabilize the blood pressure

* Improve the blood flow

* Reduce the bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol thus giving better protection to the heart

* Stabilize the stress and stimulate the produce of hormone that makes us feel relax and happy

Diabetes are among the diseases that are difficult to control and this are due to :-

* Taking excessive food and lack of exercise

* Late diagnosis of the disease as majority of the patient did not aware that they had it at an early stage

* Patients tend to resort to self-medication without referring to the doctors

* Patients did not adhere to doctors advise and irregular intake of medical prescription

What is the best type of exercise for a diabetes patient? All types of aerobic exercise is good for them but the best is brisk walking as it is simple and could be done anytime and anywhere even in the house area. But if you had never exercise for a long time, it is advisable to consult your doctor on the suitable mode of exercise and in what condition that you need to stop exercise.

When your doctor requires you to take-up insulin, not to worry as it does not mean that your diabetes is at advance stage but will help to slowdown the development of the diseases.

If you are able to control your diabetes, it will not only make your life more comfortable but help to reduce the risk of among others:-

* Heart problem

* Stroke

* Eye vision that could cause lost of vision or blindness

* Nerve disorder on hands, legs and other part of the body. Diabetes is one of the reasons when patient legs has to be amputated due to nerve disorder. It is also the cause of erectile dysfunction for male

* Kidney failure

Exercise regularly, patient with diabetes could live healthily.