How to reduce stress levels at home

Some of the stress related ailments and their remedies and here you will discover the best way how to reduce stress levels at home.

What is stress?

Most of us always hear this word, but most of us do not have an idea of what stress means. Stress is an occurrence in our body in a physical, psychological, and emotional manner when we react to something that overwhelmed us, surprised us, or when we faced a situation that we did not expect to happen. It is our body’s way of reacting to something when we are upset, disturbed, sad, etc. This just means that all of us have a chance of suffering from stress. Stress itself is not bad for our health, actually, sometimes it gives us the energy and the urge to do something fast.

While at work, we always face a load of work to do that has deadlines. Because of the awareness of the deadline, we become stressed. And because of the stress, we are pressured to work fast. This will result in meeting the deadline on time while being very stressed while we are at it. Although with this, stress can lead us to work harder given such pressure. Now we know that stress is not always bad, but the problems start when we are always suffering because of it. That’s when we feel stressed out. Being stressed out does not let us stay healthy, it is bad since it may cause us various ailments.

How to reduce stress levels at home

Here are some of the stress related ailments and their remedies:

  • A person that suffers from stress may not be able to sleep

Since a person suffering from stress is worrying about something that will happen tomorrow or shortly, he becomes very anxious about something. The result is he can’t sleep.


* A warm bath before bedtime is helpful. And also don’t forget to drink a cup of milk after having a bath; make sure that the milk is hot too.

* While lying on your back, try 15 counts of deep breathing. Afterward, you can now lie on your side. This will help you sleep fast.

* Rumors say raw onion eating daily will result in sound sleep.

* A person that is suffering from stress must first take a teaspoon of honey before going to bed. This is to help him sleep easily.

  • Acne burst out

A person that is stressed out sometimes suffers from acne burst out. And this commonly appears on the face. Acne bursts out and is also a result of lack of sleep.


* Mix a teaspoon of rose water with a teaspoon of lemon juice on a plate. Then apply the mixture to the acne area of the face with a piece of cotton wool or with a soft piece of cloth. Wait for half an hour then wash it afterward with tap water. Do this regularly for ten or fifteen days.

  • Headache

It is common that when a person is stressed out, he suffers from headaches. This is the result of worrying too much about many things that are making him upset. Being anxious about something will result in despair. And the result is a headache.


* Get a teaspoon of dry ginger and 2 tablespoons of water and mix them to a paste. On the forehead, apply the mixture. It will ease the pain of a headache.

Scientifically proven ways to reduce stress

  • Relieve stress by doing something you enjoy

The easiest and fastest way to relieve stress without the use of antidepressants is to put all the problems down and then turn to the joy of doing what you enjoy instead of letting yourself dwell on the same problems over and over and become stressed.

If you are very stressed, the body releases a hormone called cortisol, a hormone that increases the sugar level in the body and lowers the body’s immune system. It makes many very stressed people obese and other diseases are easy to follow. You should find activities that you like to do and should avoid using chemicals that affect the nervous system or use antidepressants, which can be harmful to the body.

Therefore, you should start building your immune system by trying to make endorphin, the happiness hormone, just to fight cortisol. With a way to relieve stress by letting the body know how to relax in a way that you like, such as exercising, watching movies, listening to music, drawing, etc. Just as much as you can, you can reduce stress levels and increase happiness levels by yourself. It’s easy

  • Exercise for stress relief

When stressed, the body will produce more cortisol, we can fix this by getting endorphins working through exercise, at least if we’re feeling stressed out. Getting out of your desk to stretch your lines or walking up and down the stairs can cause us to lose focus on stress for a while. It doesn’t mean you need to do some intensive exercise and sweat a lot but rather has a mental health effect. Just take a regular 10-minute walk, diverting your attention to the positive, it works. But if you have time after work, it’s a good idea to get some serious exercise. At least 30 minutes a day, just 3-5 days a week is enough for the happiness hormones to work at their best.

  • Relax by watching movies and listening to music

Although we deal with various stress problems but being able to get ourselves out of stress for a while should be a good thing to indulge in, such as lying down to watch movies, listen to music, or going out and finding an activity to do besides sitting and drowning in stressful thoughts. Of course, it clears the mind for a while. and may bring some ideas on how to overcome problems or stress as well.

  • Manage your thought

Being overly immersed in one thought can lead to unconscious stress or if we are caught up in a lot of anxiety became cumulative stress. The stress that occurs then becomes the cause of suffering. In science, thought is related to the brain, when one thinks, the brain reacts accordingly. If we are stressed about work, health, or colleagues. The solution is to get yourself out of this stress by trying to adjust your perspective on the problems. Get yourself out and stand as an outsider. It may make it easier for us to see the cause of the problem and how to fix it than to immerse ourselves in it or if we overlook a small matter and accept the shortcomings of work or colleagues may make us understand the situation and relieve stress faster. It should also protect you from suffering as well.

  • Participate in activities that help train the mind and reduce stress

For anyone who has a stress problem that is classified as an anxiety disorder. This is a disease in which the patient experiences fear, and anxiety, and is unable to let go or stop thinking about the same things. A little therapy probably won’t help until sometimes it has to turn to using anti-stress drugs as a solution to reduce anxiety. Because the anti-stress drug works as quickly as you wish.

But we recommend that people suffering from stress and anxiety try mindfulness training. To adjust behavior and relieve anxiety from such symptoms, such as breathing exercises, practicing yoga or tai chi and meditation practice, etc. These methods will help make the mind calm, and conscious and cope better with anxiety in the mind.

But before entering the process of mental training with various techniques, fluently and not feeling forced, one must first practice a positive mindset. To balance the thought system that revolves around the same subject to come out into the wider world and see a clear solution for themselves.

  • Drink hot tea

Drinking tea can help lower levels of the hormone cortisol, or the stress hormone. And it also helps us feel more relaxed. Teas that relax the body such as green tea, black tea, chamomile tea, etc.

  • Take a shower

Bathing is a great way to reduce anxiety and stress. It also helps alleviate feelings of loneliness and depression and the feeling of touching water to cleanse the body. It will help us feel refreshed and happy from touching ourselves.

  • Eye massage

Massage can be very helpful in relieving stress. And this is how to massage the eyes that will help us feel more relaxed. Start by closing your eyes and placing your thumbs under your eyebrows, then use your thumbs to make a light circular motion to the tail of your eyebrows. Do this 3-5 times around each eye.

There are many ways how to reduce stress levels at home that you can choose from. But one of the most important things to heal from this chronic disease is to accept and stop putting pressure on yourself. You should not choose to use stress relievers drug as a shortcut to solving problems. Because the drug is used to relieve stress for a long time, there will be a risk of developing drug resistance which will directly affect our body.