Natural ways to get rid of cystitis

natural ways to get rid of cystitis

Looking for natural ways to get rid of cystitis at home? You are at the right place, learning how to get rid of cystitis fast at home is a safe way to do it now as the covid-19 epidemic spreads as much other decease that harms our life. We need to stay safe.

Cystitis is a popular disease that is common in all genders and ages of people sitting at desks or office workers. Because of current lifestyle behaviors that have changed to keep pace with the world, this often makes it necessary to hold back urination for a long time or rush to urinate, which is the most common cause of cystitis.

However, besides the cause of cystitis is mainly caused by improper urination behavior, we also found that women have a higher risk of getting this disease than men. Because the urethra is short and open, it facilitates the possibility of infection in women having sex, the hygiene in using the bathroom, and the cleanliness of the genital area. It is another way that causes cystitis as well.

How to naturally get rid of cystitis : Causes of cystitis

Cystitis is caused by germs entering the urethra. The nearest source of germs is the anus.
These rectal pathogens include E. coli, Klebsiella, Pseudomonas, and Enterobacteria, these pathogens pass through the urethra into the bladder. But the most common, about 75-95%, is caused by E. coli.

This is because a woman’s urethra is short and close to the anus. Therefore, there is a high chance that a large number of bacteria from the rectum will move into the bladder. It can cause incubation and inflammation causing bladder inflammation. This puts women at several times the risk of bladder disease than men. Almost every woman has a chance of cystitis. From childhood to old age, it is more common in pregnant women and women who like to hold urine for a long time.

In addition to bacteria from the anus, having sex, especially during the newly married stage. It can cause bacteria to pass into the bladder easily. This causes an inflammation called Honeymoon Cystitis.

Including the use of deodorant sprays around the genital area. Because it will irritate the tissues of the urethra and vulva which increased the chance of tissue injury and infection.

In the elderly, cystitis is caused by poor genital hygiene. Especially those who lack a caregiver In addition, they often do not move, often sit and lie down, and drink little water. The urine is frozen, and congestion in the bladder which led to the germs growing.

Cystitis can be a complication of diabetic patients, bladder stones, enlarged prostate, and diabetes patients who are unable to urinate due to paralysis or after urinary catheterization.

Symptoms of cystitis

Symptoms of cystitis are:

1. Sparse urine burning or burning pain when urinating.

2. Urine may smell foul. Some may be cloudy or have blood.

3. Frequent urination, each time a small amount and can’t hold back and have to hurry to the bathroom.

4. Tightness, pain in the lower abdomen.

5. Burning in the urethra It hurts at the end of the shoot.

6. Fever There are both high and low fevers but one often does not have a fever when it is chronic inflammation.

7. There may be nausea and vomiting when an acute infection.

8. There may be stones in the urine. When it occurs with kidney stones or bladder stones.

Natural ways to get rid of cystitis

Here are some tips on how to naturally get rid of cystitis and honeymoon cystitis home remedies which we can prevent initially to reduce the risk of cystitis as follows:

1. You should not hold your urine for a long time.

2. You should not rush to urinate. Urine should be released comfortably until the urine is empty.

3. Adjust behaviors that will risk causing urinary incontinence. For example, going to the bathroom before going out or running errands and during sleep, if urinating pain should not be held until waking up.

4. Avoid drinking tea, coffee, or alcohol. Because it has the effect of stimulating irritation to the lining of the bladder. It will make you have to go to the bathroom often.

5. Always keep the genital area clean. Try not to touch your genitals when your hands are not clean. In the case of people using tampons, they should make sure their hands are clean before using them.

6. Always wear clean pants. Choose a cotton bra type that is easy to drain and avoid wearing tights. Because it will cause dampness, causing the accumulation of bacteria.

7. Do not use chemicals with strong acids to clean the genitals. Because it will irritate, increasing the chance of infection more easily.

8. For women, the time to excrete both urine and feces. should be washed properly (From front to back) and wiped clean every time. Because the anus is close to the genitals.

9. After having sex, you should urinate every time to prevent germs from entering the urethra.

10. Drink plenty of clean water, it should be around 8-10 glasses per day. Because drinking less water will result in rarely urinating. Therefore, urine remains in the duct, causing it to accumulate easily. Pathogens in the urine, therefore, grow well. In addition, drinking a lot of water also helps wash away bacteria.

Herbal remedies for cystitis symptoms

1. Lemongrass

herbal remedies for cystitis symptoms

Lemongrass is a remedy for people who have suppression of urine. Using a fresh old tree, sliced into thin glasses, about 1 handful per day (fresh weight 40-50 grams). Boiled with clean water, drinking water 3 times a day, 1 cup each time before meals. When you feel good urinating, then stop taking this remedy.

2. Roselle

herbal remedies for cystitis symptoms

Roselle which has diuretic properties to come out in larger amounts than usual treats mild abrasive and natural ways to get rid of cystitis, and cures bladder stones and kidney stones by using flowers to dry the sepals. After that, grind it thoroughly. Brew with drinking water 1 teaspoon per 1 cup (25 ccs). Drink in the morning, lunch, and dinner 3 times in a row. Light scrubbing symptoms will be relieved.

3. Red sugarcane

herbal remedies for cystitis symptoms

Use red sugarcane that is old, it can be fresh or dried. Take 1 handful per day (fresh stem weight 70-90 grams or dry stem weight 30-40 grams), sliced into glasses or chopped into small pieces, boiled with water. You will get water with a bitter-sweet taste. Drink 1 teacup (75 cc) 3 times a day before meals.

Abnormal urination that should see a doctor

If you have the following symptoms then I highly recommend seeing the doctor:

* No urination at all.

* Having burning or purulent urination.

* Excessive urine with abnormal thirst.

* Severe or persistent burning urination for more than 2-3 days, or if it comes and goes, if left untreated, the infection may spread. It can cause glomerulonephritis.

* Lower abdominal pain or in men, perineal pain (skin that surrounds the genitals and anus).

* Urine color is pink, cloudy, or contains blood.

* Difficulty urinating in infants or young children.

The best way to natural ways to get rid of cystitis is to drink enough water, urinate every time you feel urinated, and should not hold urine for a long time. The use of herbal remedies for cystitis symptoms has both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, we should use herbs carefully. Because some herbs are good for some diseases and have a negative effect on some diseases. The use of these three herbs should be used with caution in people with heart disease and pregnant women due to diuretic herbs being high in potassium salt.