Stay Healthy while Preparing for Pregnancy

Giving birth to a baby or bearing a child even once throughout their life is the most valuable gift given to all women. For their husband, it is the greatest gift that their wife could have. Having a child is the dream of every couple as this may boost their relationship. Many couples will anxiously start to plan for the pregnancy and childbirth once they confirmed that their woman is pregnant.

It is important to know about any issues regarding giving birth to every pregnant lady. A physician or midwife would be able to advise on the facts on childbirth. Pregnant women should be prepared physically for giving birth as their body’s normal functions would change totally. Pregnant women should know and be concerned about the potential problem during pregnancy so that they will be able to take care of their bodies during conceiving and a caregiver is the best person to guide them. This caregiver should be able to advise the mother-to-be on the preconception, changing lifestyle, safety, and vitamins and supplements for prenatal and this will make the woman prepare for giving birth.

Prepare before pregnancy

Physical preparation

Preparation before pregnancy in good health, the strong body should start with regular exercise. May have to see if the women’s weight is too much or not. Should I lose weight? Recommended exercise methods are running, cycling, yoga, and aerobics because they help practice breathing postures and practice meditation as well.

For a pregnant woman, her lifestyle must be changed and this includes:

  1. Stop smoking and stay away from alcohol. Such an addict could affect both the woman and the unborn baby.
  2. Adjust the body weight to either gain or lose weight. If being too thin or too fat, complications may occur for both the woman and the baby.

Health check-up before pregnancy

A pre-pregnancy check-up is very important. Because we will know whether the physical condition of both the father and mother are healthy or not. Are you ready to get pregnant? including whether they both have the disease or are carriers of hereditary disease

If the doctor detects any abnormality or disease that will affect the pregnancy and the unborn baby. The doctor will be able to treat or find a way to prevent it. So that the pregnancy will be safe for both the baby and the mother. This also includes the prevention of various diseases between lovers as well.

Mentally preparation

Of course, stress can have a huge impact on pregnancy. Mental health, which is a matter of thinking, feeling, and controlling day-to-day life is also important. When we are stressed, hormones will malfunction, delay ovulation or postpone menstruation

Therefore, the mind should be clear, not stressed, and not worried. Find activities that help you feel relaxed. If you are constantly feeling stressed, consult your doctor and get it healed before you get pregnant.

Financial preparation and social conditions

Finance and social, it is one of the important factors that will help promote the development and growth of the baby to quality. When the pregnancy begins until the baby opens his eyes to see the world, there are various expenses. Having a good social environment promotes your child’s development and reduces the risk of both mental and physical illness. However, new parents must be careful to choose and prepare as best as they can.

* need a financial plan like saving money, systematic allocation of income and expenses, or dividing the money into proportions. Because when the need to spend on childbearing will not be stuck.

* Make a plan to prepare the primary caregivers for raising the baby. Choose a good environment, and a good society so that your little ones will grow up among the good. Because the environment and the way of nurturing can affect the growth and development of the baby quite a lot.

What to be prepared for childbirth?

  1. Plan for a proper fitness schedule throughout the pregnancy period.
  2. Plan for proper nutrition and observe food intake.

When it comes to pregnancy, different parts of a woman’s body have different specific roles. Learn and observe the woman’s body, especially in the early stage of pregnancy. Any disorder or unusual pattern should be discussed with the physician for any additional health information. Stress and anxiety are common and cannot be avoided for the couple as this can be a critical stage for the woman. The woman’s character may change with an unexpected mood.

Upon knowing that the woman is pregnant, the couple should have prepared mentally in gaining confidence to handle a child. Visit gynecologists as this will help them to garner more information on pregnancy and handling children. The couple may also know the exact date of delivery so that the woman should be able to reach the delivery center without delay.

There will always be mixed feelings for the woman such as anxiety upon knowing that she is pregnant. The feeling of worry and tension are normal indications that the woman is anxious about being pregnant. The feel of anxiety may be avoided if:-

* Her husband spent more time with her and support her morally

* Regular visits to Gynecologist

* Find time to relax and enjoy light exercise

So for pregnant mothers, continue with your healthy life and you will have a healthy baby too.